Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hawaii E-Mail Inquiry Microwave Termite Treatment Island Use Interest

The following is an e-mail inquiry received from Hawaii

Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 1:40 PM

Subject: Wavelength Website Comments

FirstName: John

LastName: Rourk

comments: I am interested in trying microwave technology in Drywood termite control on the Big Island of Hawaii. Please contact me by email or phone


Email Inquiry Reply:

From: Service- WavelengthEMTS Inc

Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 12:57 PM

Subject: Reply to your Microwave termite treatment technology inquiry

Hello John,

Thank you for your inquiry.

The following information directs you on how to legally try out microwave technology in drywood termite control on the Big Island of Hawaii.

At your local State agricultural department, request and apply for an annual experimental non chemical device usage permit. As a professional pest control firm, You fill out and submit a simple state application form.


Upon issuance of your annual experimental usage permit, you will be able to offer microwave treatment as a non chemical alternative provided you get written signed customer acceptance to perform the microwave termite treatment as an experimental procedure. You will be limited by the state in advertising the microwave treatment process, via noting it is a customer optional ongoing experimental non chemical device treatment procedure.


NOTE: To stay in state compliance, Prior to any use of or experimental application; get approval of all written homeowner experimental treatment acceptance releases to be signed and any advertising material proposed for use. If your permit issued does not state where or who to submit test materials and form approval requests too, then ask for the data where you submitted your permit application.


The State of Hawaii is severely behind times in regulatory application and technology advances and have no means to approve or any self interest in registering a non chemical termite treatment device. If you run into any problems, simple write your siting governor, (The Honorable Neil Abercrombie) on this date and he will assign someone to assist you. State experimental testing permits have been issued successfully in the past and are renewable on a annual basis.


Upon receiving your issued experimental permit and approval of an owner or agent experimental treatment acceptance release form, simply purchase your system directly online at


Your method of legal use of a microwave treatment system is rather different than any of the mainland states, however you can follow your state laws and become an operational microwave termite treatment provider.


Wishing you the best in your non chemical treatment quests.

All and any additional inquiries are welcome, 

Best Regards,

Ed Fobian  (Director)

WavelengthEMTS Inc

Arizona  USA


You may Access the complete operator manual online at: 

For more information on the Wavelength microwave pest treatment device system visit:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Microwave Treat Short Stories – # 2 Drywoods at Mega Apartment complex

Mega apartment complex saves money and Human life thanks to safe radio wave termite treatment process
During June swarming season somewhere in Los Angeles County Ca., Checked exterior of a 500 unit mega two story apartment complex. Drywood termites identified at 215 exterior unit locations. Majority of areas located at first and second story balcony wood siding and framing.

Total area fume estimate was 6 million cubic foot at a cost of half a million dollars, not to mention the associations cost to house tenants elsewhere during the fumigation process. In lieu of fumigation, the apartment owners association was also given a quote of $80,000 for microwave treatment of all areas of dry wood termite evidence visually and non visually apparent, a two year complete termite treatment warranty and a year to year termite control service policy thereafter at the annual starting cost of $10,000.00.

The association went with the microwave termite treatment and it was performed without any problems in 10 working days total with a crew of two and only one microwave treatment generator.

The conclusion of this large treatment was no deaths or illnesses associated with poison gas treatments, happy tenants that did not need to leave their apartments overnight or worry about contaminated food products after treatment and an overly happy apartment association who now regularly refer other commercial accounts.  

This job grossed a considerable company profit of which continues to this date to come in annually from the ongoing control service policy. A total of one to two days a year and sometimes three are spent by a crew of two servicing the entire mega property under the control agreement.

Microwave termite treatment applied with the Lullaby Radio Wave System is truly a life saving, money making, safe alternative to multi unit commercial whole structure poison gas fumigation.   

For more information on the Wavelength Wood Pest Radio Wave system